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Coating Thickness Gauge PT-MINI Zn&Fe&Al
galvanized steel Zn / aluminium AL /stell Fe


Coating thickness gauge PT-MINI is designed to measure the thickness of a ALUMINUM steel and galvanized steel sheet paint coating.It is also possible to make a measurement based on a defined reference point. The measurement resolution equals 10µm.

Ideal for verifying the thickness of paint on new and pre-owned automobiles. Ideal for Automobile... Dealerships, Professional Car Buyers, Detailers, Body Shops, and more...

Technical specifications:

Basic specifications of the device:
-measurement on steel and galvanized steel "ALUMINUM"
- measurement resolution: 10μm;
- measurement range: from 0μm to 1050μm;
- seven-segment and four-digit LED display, digits lit automatically
- zeroing function;
- measuring sensor diameter: 15 mm;
- powered by 2xAA alkaline battery or corresponding accu;

- UE CE product.

Layer thickness up to 70 um – thin lacquer layer. (the lacquer is laid without a ground coat, polished.)
Layer thickness up to 80 – 200 um – for original lacquers. ⇐ GOOD
Layer thickness up to 200 – 300 um – after lacquer repairs (second lacquer) Second Lacquer - WORSE
Layer thickness up to 300 – 520 um – surfaces after tinsmith repairs (a trowel+2 lacquers) ⇐ BAD
Layer thickness up to 520 – 750 um – surfaces after filling and lacquering. (trowel amount around 0,5 mm) ⇐ VERY BAD

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